Recommended Bets: Week 11

***Update 11/14 8:00AM. We're adding the Saints -5.5, which is still the consensus line. Write up to follow

Buffalo -5.5

BUF @ MIA11/7 1:00PM
Wager:BUF -5.5
Cover Probability:57.81%
Cover Edge:10.36%

New Orleans -5.5

NO @ TB11/17 1:00PM
WagerNO -5.5
Cover Probability:52.61%
Cover Edge:0.43%

Kansas City -3.5

KC @ LAC11/18 8:15PM
WagerKC -3.5
Cover Probability:51.55%
Cover Edge:-1.58%

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Breakdown: NY Jets (-3) @ Miami

Ah, we have a classic "bet it, don't watch it game. Just in case you're crazy enough to subject your eyes to the awfulness that is these football teams, I compiled a breakdown detailing where each team is at. Even if you don't read it, be nice and click on the headline so I feel better about the pageviews.

Recommended Bets: Week 9

Unfortunately, the only game that the model likes. It gives a slight edge to Washington, but we really can't trust that with Dwayne Haskins under center. If you haven't been paying attention, Haskins is #bad at football.

NYJ -3.0

NJY @ MIA11/3 1:00pm
Wager:NYJ -3.0
Cover Probability:57.96%
Cover Edge:10.66%

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