Week 7 Recap: The Chargers Killed Our Perfect Week

This is far too late in the week for a recap, so I’m just going to quickly go over how our recommended bets did:

New Orleans @ Chicago
Wager: NO +3
Cover Probability: 53.70%
Cover Edge: 2.52%

Result: A very easy win. Mitch Tribusky sucks. Teddy Bridgewater is actually good.

Image result for teddy bridgewater

LA Chargers @ Tennessee
Wager: LAC +2
Cover Probability: 53.66%
Cover Edge: 2.45%

Result: Fucking Melvin Gordon fumbled at the goal line to lose it. Truth be told, I thought running the ball was a very questionable decision since the Chargers didn’t have any timeouts left — so even if Gordon didn’t fumble, the clock out have expired. It seemed like throwing gave them more chances. Either way, we lost a close one.

Miami @ Buffalo
Recommended Bet: MIA +17
Cover Probability: 60.37%
Cover Edge: 15.25%

Result: Miami actually kept this fairly close until they attempted an onside kick, which was returned for a touchdown. We still were able to cover easily.

Los Angeles @ Atlanta
Recommended Bet: LAR -3
Cover Probability: 55.38%
Cover Edge: 5.72%

Result: LOL @ Atlanta’s defense. Win

2019 YTD: 11 – 10 (52%)
Week 7: The Chargers Killed Our Perfect Week (3-1)
Week 6: The Money Train Has Been Temporarily Derailed (0-2)
Week 5: Back on Track (2-0)
Week 4: I hate Kellen Moore (1-1)
Week 3: The Tilt is Real (1-3)
Week 2: Is 0-3 bad? (0-3)
Week 1: Is 4-0 bad? (4-0)

That’s it for now, bitches.

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