Super Bowl LIV Forestcast

The below chart details the probability each team will win Super Bowl LIV, and the edge one has over a major offshore book.

This model analyzes a myriad of advanced statistics over the past decade of NFL playoffs, determines which statistics are most likely to forecast winners, and leverages those statistics in a Random Forest Model.

kelly% indicates the percentage of one’s bankroll one would wager if pursing a maximally aggressive betting strategy and only selecting a single wager from the below table. Note that in the event a bettor makes simultaneous wagers, the kelly fraction for each wager would need to be reduced.

teambovada oddsmodel oddsedgekelly%

There are 10 total statistical features used by this model to make its evaluation. They are:

  • The current odds (start of the post season) of winning the Super Bowl
  • Certain DVOA statistics, courtesy of FootballOutsiders. The specific DVOA statistics used are Defense DVOA (including the recency-weighted version and Special Teams DVOA (including the recency-weighted version).
  • Each team’s net points.
  • Each team’s margin of victory.
  • Each team’s strength of schedule throughout the season.
  • Each team’s SRS and Defense SRS.

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