Power Rankings: Week 3

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m posting our in-house power rankings that is used to feed the model. These rankings are projections for each team for the given week, with injury adjustments if they might be without a key contributor for the week (aka San Francisco).

  1. Baltimore Ravens — we could easily switch 1 and 2 here, but the Ravens have been the more impressive team thus far.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs — Chiefs vs Ravens on Monday Night Football? I have an erection.
  3. New Orleans Saints — yup, keeping them top 3 despite losing to the Raiders. I told you we don’t overreact to weekly performances. It seems like Michael Thomas had a good week at practice and will have an outside shot at returning this week.
  4. Seattle Seahawks — the Seahawks aren’t just letting Russ cook, they’re letting him ensemble a gourmet 5 course meal. There’s a fucking 16 oz bone-in filet and other fancy shit that I’m not privy to. It’s delicious.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers — did the Steelers hit another homerun at receiver with Chase Claypool? We’ll find out once he inevitably starts running more routes then James Washington.
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — as expected, the Bucs offense bounced back. They’ll also get Chris Godwin (concussion) back this week.
  7. Los Angles Rams — The offensive line is playing significantly better than last year. Jared Goff is crushing it. They’re covering on the back end. There isn’t anything to dislike with the Rams start to the year.
  8. Indianapolis Colts — this team may lack star power, but it’s a complete, well rounded roster.
  9. Dallas Cowboys — I have no idea how you cover their receivers.
  10. Green Bay Packers — the season is young, but Aaron Rodgers has been the best quarterback in football.
  11. Tennessee Titans — last game: Derrick Henry, 25 rushing attempts, 3.4 YPA. Ryan Tannehill, 24 pass attempts, 10 YPA. Throw the damn ball.
  12. New England Patriots — fun fact: Cam Newton accounted for 95% of the Patriots offense last Sunday. The guy wants another contract, me thinks.
  13. San Francisco 49ers — The injuries are just insane.
  14. Buffalo Bills — Credit where credit is due: Josh Allen is off to a very hot start.
  15. Atlanta Falcons — Calvin Ridley is awesome. The defense is not.
  16. Arizona Cardinals — DeAndre Hopkins: 25 targets, 22 catches, 219 yards (10 yards/reception), and a TD.
  17. Chicago Bears — How about Mitch Tribusky not sucking?
  18. LA Chargers — The doctor punctured the starting QBs lungs. That’s how things are going. Not a bad start for Justin Herbert, though.
  19. Philadelphia Eagles — there was a lot of talk about the health the offensive line, but they actually did a solid job keeping Wentz clean last week. The issue is Wentz himself — per PFF’s ball charting data, he has the highest percentage of uncatchable passes and the lowest percentage of catchable passes. Not great, Bob.
  20. Detroit Lions — Matt Stafford is off to a rough start. A healthy Kenny Golladay would help immensely.
  21. Houston Texans — Kanas City – Baltimore – Pittsburgh to start the year, the Texans would love for a DeLorean to take them to week 4.
  22. Las Vegas Raiders — I was so impressed by their win Monday night I moved them from 23rd to 22nd.
  23. Minnesota Vikings — Without Danielle Hunter this defense is nonexistent.
  24. Cleveland Browns — nice win on Thursday Night. Now do something against a defense better than the Bengals.
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars — they cannot tank for Trevor while the mustache as at the helm. The Jaguars have a top five offense in the NFL in terms of EPA/play through two weeks.
  26. New York Giants — Saquon Barkley’s explosiveness is always fun to watch. Why do you hate us, injury gods?
  27. Denver Broncos — was signing Blake Bortles off the streets an upgrade over Drew Lock?
  28. New York Jets — “Every receiver we have is injured. Let’s use Chris Herndon as a blocker,” – Adam Gase, probably.
  29. Carolina Panthers — they’re a Christian McCaffrey away from leapfrogging the Jets.
  30. Washington Football Team — It’s cool that they have a pass rush, I guess.
  31. Cincinnati Bengals — AJ Green has a PFF grade of 61.7 and Joe Burrow has a QB rating of 47.5 when targeting him.
  32. Miami Dolphins — someone explain to me how Mike Gesicki is a tight end and not a wide receiver.

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