Power Rankings: Week 5

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m posting our in-house power rankings that is used to feed the model. These rankings are projections for each team for the given week, with injury adjustments if they might be without a key contributor for the week.

For the Patriots, I’m naturally assuming they will still be without Cam Newton.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – I’ll say it, Pat Mahomes was bad on Monday. He’s allowed one of those games a year, I suppose.
  2. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens should cruise to another easy victory against the Bengals, but there’s only one scenario where they leapfrog the Chiefs. I refuse to say the said scenario out loud.
  3. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson has a QB rating of 136.9 and he’s completing 75% of his passes. This is just stupid.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – the defense has been sneaky impressive. Tom Brady is PFFs third highest graded quarterback. The only thing that could slow them down on Thursday is the injuries to the receiving group.
  5. Indianapolis Colts – This team lost to the Jaguars?
  6. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees shows he’s still accurate.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers – the Steelers were dealt a bit of bad luck being forced into an early bye week.
  8. Green Bay Packers – Davante Adams complained about being inactive, stating “I guess I don’t know my body as well as others.” Yeah, they’re called doctors, dude.
  9. Los Angeles Rams – the improvement of the offensive line is making a massive difference.
  10. Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen is completing 70% of his passes and the Bills have the second best EPA/drop back. Dude is breaking out.
  11. Tennessee Titans – Holding practices against league mandates was ill-advised. I will not apologies for that pun.
  12. San Francisco 49ers – until they get their QB back, the 49ers will be outside of the top 10.
  13. Dallas Cowboys – the following is a list of offenses the Cowboys are capable of stopping:
  14. Minnesota Vikings – Xavier Rhodes having a bounce back year has been one of the better storylines in 2020.
  15. Arizona Cardinals – How does one struggle to move the ball against the Panthers?
  16. Cleveland Browns – this offensive line fucks. Wyatt Teller in particular has been one of the best guards in football. Also, I give zero injury adjustment to losing Nick Chubb. Zero.
  17. Atlanta Falcons – If you’re a safety on the Falcons, you’re currently hurt. I’d also expect Julio Jones to miss a few games after re-aggravating his hamstring.
  18. Detroit Lions – is Matt Patricia next on the chopping block?
  19. LA Chargers – Is Justin Herbert the real deal?
  20. Houston Texans – Once HC Bill O’Brien got the news that he was fired, GM Bill O’Brien tried to hire him back, only to find out that GM Bill O’Brien was also fired.
  21. New England Patriots – No Cam Newton means this team has zero, literally zero, offense. I’ve been impressed with the offensive line, though.
  22. Chicago Bears – How many more weeks till Nick Foles gets benched?
  23. Philadelphia Eagles – Better, Carson Wentz. But still not enough.
  24. Las Vegas Raiders – It’s a shame when you’re so reliant on your rookie wide receiver.
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars feel destined to be the team that doesn’t quite suck enough to get the first overall pick, but not great enough to have enough pieces to build around.
  26. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow is really, really good.
  27. Carolina Panthers – Robby Anderson is showing he’s much more then just a deep threat.
  28. Miami Dolphins – The calls are coming for Tua, but we still need to realize just how bad this offensive line is. Ryan Fitzpatrick is getting the ball out in 2.24 seconds, and they’re still struggling.
  29. New York Giants – In the state of New York, the Giants have the best offense in terms of EPA. Unfortunately for them, that still puts them 31st in the league.
  30. Washington Football Team – Dwayne Haskins to the bench, not that this will matter.
  31. Denver Broncos – the injuries continue.
  32. New York Jets – A certain long haired quarterback may be in their future.

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