Power Rankings: Week 7

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m posting our in-house power rankings that is used to feed the model. These rankings are projections for each team for the given week, with injury adjustments if they might be without a key contributor for the week.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – I wouldn’t normally recommend a trip to Buffalo after losing big in Vegas, but it seemed to work for the Chiefs.
  2. Baltimore Ravens – I’m starting to wonder if Lamar Jackson’s earlier knee injury is holding him back.
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Not only is Brady playing well, but the coverage is best and the pass rush is second best per PFF grades.
  4. Seattle Seahawks – Russ Wilson put some gap between him and Rodgers in the MVP race by simply not playing last week.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben the game manager and a dominant pass rush puts the Steelers in the top 5.
  6. New Orleans Saints – Mike Thomas finally comes back.
  7. Tennessee Titans – Ryan Tannehill’s QB rating is about the same under pressure vs a clean pocket (110.5 pressure, 110.3 clean). I still expect him to regress.
  8. Los Angeles Rams – Neutralizing Aaron Donald and taking away the Rams quick passing attack is the recipe to stop them. It just isn’t easy to do.
  9. Indianapolis Colts – Spotting the Bengals 21 points only to come back and win was kind of mean.
  10. Green Bay Packers – Is Aaron Rodgers going to regress? Did he just have a bad game? These are questions I don’t have an answer to, yet.
  11. San Francisco 49ers – The offense is getting healthy, finally.
  12. Arizona Cardinals – They were mean to Andy Dalton.
  13. New England Patriots – The wide receivers are still a problem.
  14. Buffalo Bills – In the first four weeks, Josh Allen was PFFs 4th highest graded QB. In the last two, he’s the 20th best.
  15. Chicago Bears – Nick Foles is the real life shrug face emoji.
  16. Houston Texans – Desean Watson was awesome, and they still lost.
  17. Detroit Lions – Putting up 34 against the Jags? To quote Shania Twain, “that don’t impress me much.”
  18. Miami Dolphins – It’s Tua time in Miami. Tua loved to hold onto the ball in his ‘Bama days, but that won’t fly behind this offensive line.
  19. Las Vegas Raiders – I’m sure they were all safe and well behaved during their bye week in Vegas.
  20. Minnesota Vikings – Sorry guys, someone eventually was going to lose to Atlanta.
  21. Atlanta Falcons – I rated you behind the team you just beat. Deal with it.
  22. Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert gets an extra weak to prepare for the Jags defense. I don’t think he needed it.
  23. Cleveland Browns – I would love to go back to 2018 and tell Browns fans that their first overall pick will be the only reason why their offense will struggle in 2020 (I’d leave out the pandemic stuff since I’m a nice guy).
  24. Carolina Panthers – You got bad Nick Foles and you still couldn’t win.
  25. Denver Broncos – Tim Patrick is quietly becoming a capable Courtland Sutton replacement.
  26. Philadelphia Eagles – My goodness, nobody on the offense is healthy except the QB.
  27. Dallas Cowboys – Yikes.
  28. Cincinnati Bengals – AJ Green looked like his old self again.
  29. New York Giants – No idea. I didn’t even pretend to watch their game against the Football Team.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars – DJ Chark is back to being a top receiver in the league.
  31. Washington Football Team – Put in Alex Smith, dammit.
  32. New York Jets – No.

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