Week 7 Recap: Back in Black

Welcome to the recap blog, where we’ll take a look at the results from our previous weeks bets, as well as keep a running season total of our win loss record. Week to week results aren’t important, but I always liked the idea of tracking our bets to see how the season is going as well as providing full transparency to our readers. Let’s get into it:

Buffalo @ NY Jets
Recommendation: NYJ +500 ML or +13
Strength: 5.10

The Bills attempted 8 field goals, converting 6 of them. You cannot cover a 13 spread with that type of red zone inefficiency. You may argue that we got lucky that the Bills were so terrible in the red zone, but the Jets hung tough for most of the game and were even up 10-0 at one point. I think it’s pretty clear we were on the correct side of this one.

For record keeping, we could spread and teaser bets only. It would be equally asinine to count a favorite moneyline as a win. I think the record keeping is dumb anyway, but this is the fairest way to do it.

Final score: Bills 18, Jets 10

Green Bay @ Houston
Wager: HOU +3.5
Strength: 3.16

Ladies and gentleman, we got fucking crushed. Aaron Rodgers was back to MVP form. He targeted Devante Adams 16 god damn times, completing 13 of them for 196 yards and 2 scores. The Texans simply couldn’t keep up offensive — Will Fuller in particular was a disappointment with 3 catches for 35 yards.

Final score: Green Bay 35, Houston 20

Cleveland @ Cincinnati
Wager: CIN +3.5
Strength: 2.73

The battle of the Ohio’s turned out to be a blast to watch. Things were relatively even most of the game, the Bengals were mostly leading, but the Browns were always on their heels. Kareem Hunt then caught a touchdown pass with 4:53 to go to give the Browns a 4 point lead, which puts us in a tough spot with the Bengals +3.5. It essentially means we need Cincinnati to win out right, since they will never have an incentive to kick a field goal. There is one other possibility, however..

Rookie Joe Burrow lead then lead the Bengals on a 10 play, 75 yard drive, which was capped off by a touchdown pass to Gio Bernard. The Bengals were now up 3 with 1:06 to go. That was more than enough time for Baker Mayfield, who completed a 24 yard touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones to win it, with just 11 seconds left on the clock. It’s now Cleveland 37, Cincinnati 34. We’re technically covering by a half point, with our only hopes now riding on Cody Parkey to miss the extra point.

And he did. He fucking missed it. We cover by .5 a point. How can you not love gambling?

Final score: Cleveland 37, Cincinnati 34

Tampa Bay @ Las Vegas
Wager: TB -3.0
Strength: 2.56

Tampa Bay might genuinely be the best team in football right now. This game was never particularly close. For all the sweating, it was good to have an easy win.

Final score: Tampa Bay 45, Oakland 20

Seattle @ Arizona
Wager: ARI +3.5
Strength: 2.25

Sunday Night Football was a freakin thriller. Seattle was in control for most of the game, leading 27-17 midway through the 3rd quarter. After both teams scored and threw ugly interceptions, the Seahawks were up 34-24 with 6:44 to go. Arizona then took a drive down to the Seattle 34, but would have to settle for a field goal. On the FG attempt, a dumb unsportsmanlike by the Seahawks gave the Cardinals new life, eventually leading to a Christian Kirk touchdown. It’s now 34-31 with 2:28 to go, and we’re suddenly covering. However, Russ couldn’t get anything going on the next drive, and Seattle was forced to punt. The Cardinals then marched 54 yards down the field, and after a Zane Gonzalez 44 yard field goal, we were heading to overtime. It’s odd rooting against your team, but the reality is if Zane misses that field goal, we all get to go to bed and don’t have to bother sweating overtime.

After winning the toss, the Seahawks had the ball first in overtime, but then proceeded to do nothing with it. The Cardinals then drove 49 yards, and were in field goal territory, but Zane Gonzalez missed a 41 yard field goal that would have ended it. On the Seahawks next drive, the Cardinals disguised a cover 0 blitz, and in the confusion Russ Wilson threw an interception to rookie Isaiah Simmons. That put the Cardinals in great field position, and eventually Gonzalez was able to hit a 48 yarder to win it.

Final score: Arizona 37, Seattle 34

Two Team Tease
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
Carolina @ New Orleans
Wager: TEN +8.0 and NOR -1.5

In the Pittsburgh game, the Steelers were in control the entire way, but the Titans potent offense was able to keep it close. Tennessee was able to bring it within 3 with 10:13 to go in the 4th after a Derrick Henry touchdown. Then Pittsburgh ate up 7:38 of clock on a 16 play drive, only to see it ruined by a Big Ben interception. Tennessee was able to drive down the field, but kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed the 45 yard field goal that would have sent the game into overtime. No matter to us, it was still more than enough to cover the teased spread.

Final score: Pittsburgh 27, Tennessee 24

We made this bet when it was expected that WR Michael Thomas would be back, only to have him injure his hamstring in practice and have Emmanuel Sanders test positive for COVID-19. The Saints lead throughout, but were never able to pull away from Carolina. The Panthers had a shot to tie it at the end of the game, but after Teddy Bridgewater took a tough sack, it was 4th and 17 at the New Orleans 47 with just two minutes on the clock. Joey Slye attempted a 65 yard field goal, which fell predictably short, and that was all she wrote.

Final score: New Orleans 27, Carolina 24

YTD Record: 17-14 (54.8%)
Week 7: Back in Black (5-1)
Week 6: Even Steven (2-2)
Week 5: Saved by Monday Night Overtime (2-2)
Week 4: We’re in the Red (1-3)
Week 3: Bullshit DPI Calls and a Big L for Us (2-4)
Week 2: The Favorites Deliver (2-1)
Week 1: A Win, Despite Carson Wentz’s best efforts (3-1)

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