Model Context: Week 17

As explained here, week 17 is chaos. As expected, the model spit out some interesting stuff. I wanted to take some time to explain the results, which can be seen here. The essence of machine learning is to feed a model data that the machine can then use to make decisions. Data being the key... Continue Reading →

Recommended Bets: Week 17

Recommended bets for the week, based on the model’s output. Full results for all games are here.

Potentially more coming depending on news.

SUN 1:00PMNYJ @ NENE -3.02 units
SUN 1:00PMBAL @ CINCIN +12.01 unit
SUN 1:00PMDET @ MINDET +7.01 unit
SUN 1:00PMDAL @ NYGNYG +3.01 unit
SUN 4:25PMGB @ CHICHI +5.51 unit

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