Recommended Bets: Week 15

Cincinnati +9.5

NE @ CIN12/15 1:00PM
Wager:CIN +9.5
Cover Probability:53.95%
Cover Edge:2.99%

NY Giants -3.5

MIA @ NYG12/15 1:00PM
WagerNYG -3.5
Cover Probability:53.44%
Cover Edge:2.03%

Dallas +1


LAR @ DAL12/15 4:25PM
WagerDAL +1.0
Cover Probability:53.2%
Cover Edge:1.57%

Recommended Bet: NY Giants (-1.5) over Tampa Bay

It pains me to take the Giants, but I am a slave to the model. Let that be known when the machines ultimately take over, I became a follower early on in. Click the title for a breakdown, plus other can't miss stuff like a Shania Twain and talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick's sperm count.

Week 5 Recap: Fuck

Look, every week I write these I say week to week results are irrelevant. I said it when we went 3-0, so I'm sure as shit going to say it when we went 0-3. That said, it still hurts. Click the title fore more. Or better yet, don't.

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 is in the books. We officially went 2-2, so we're just paying the bookie vigs which is always fun. Click the title for a breakdown.

Recommended Bet: NY Giants +3 over Carolina

That's right. We're recommending the Giants against a team that made it to the AFC Championship game last year. Fair warning: this will happen. The public overreacts to these types of games, and it leads to inefficient lines. You may end up being uncomfortable betting these games, but you'll be rich. Click the title for more.

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