Championship Weekend Recap: Prop Bets Only

Welcome to the recap blog, where we’ll take a look at the results from our previous weeks bets, as well as keep a running season total of our win loss record. Week to week results aren’t important, but I always liked the idea of tracking our bets to see how the season is going as well as providing full transparency to our readers.

The model did not find value in either championship game, so I threw in a few prop bets. Let’s see how I did.

Bet: John Brown under 4.5 receptions -120 (Bet MGM)
Brown ended up with 2 catches on 4 targets. W.

Bet: Tom Brady under 0.5 interceptions +101 (DraftKings)
I bet that he wouldn’t throw any picks? He threw 3, dummy. L.

Bet: Travis Kelce over 7.5 receptions -125 (BetMGM)
This bad boy hit before the half ended. W.

Bet: Jamaal Williams over 19.5 rushing yards -118 (FanDuel)
Williams had an abysmal 3.3 yards per carry, but he got the rock 7 times, so he was still able to get to 23 total yards. W.

3-1 on the week. The sample size sucks and that stat is meaningless. Onto the Super Bowl.

YTD Record: 46-34-3 (57.5%)
Conference Championship: Prop Bets Only (0-0, 3-1 on props)
Divisional Round: The Dawg Pound (1-0, won 1 unit)
Wildcard Round: Saturday Yay, Sunday Nay (2-2, won 2 units)
Week 17: Unlike The Eagles, We Did Not Tank (3-2, won 2 units)
Week 16: An Oddly Quiet Week (1-0-1, won 1 unit)
Week 15: Sneaking in the Backdoor (3-2-1, won 2 units)
Week 14: The Big Bets Take It (4-3, won 4 units)
Week 13: We Took A Hike (0-0)
Week 12: Mayhem Prevails (6-2, won 7 units)
Week 11: The 4PM Slate Was Mean (2-2, won 0 units)
Week 10: Thank You, Steelers (4-2-1, won 3 units)
Week 9: The Swongs Are Real (3-4, lost 2 units)
Week 8: Damn You, Jared Goff (1-2)
Week 7: Back in Black (5-1)
Week 6: Even Steven (2-2)
Week 5: Saved by Monday Night Overtime (2-2)
Week 4: We’re in the Red (1-3)
Week 3: Bullshit DPI Calls and a Big L for Us (2-4)
Week 2: The Favorites Deliver (2-1)
Week 1: A Win, Despite Carson Wentz’s best efforts (3-1)

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